Wind Farms

Wind farm

If you are a Scottish or Welsh farmer or land owner, we would love to discuss the possibility of paying you a fantastic rental income every year.

It's zero risk — we will manage the process, and pay for everything:

  • Both your and our own legal fees
  • Initial site 'desktop' assessments.
  • Surveys - aviation, ecology etc.
  • Wind speed assessments.
  • Planning Permission.
  • Going to appeal (if necessary).
  • Wind farm design & micro-siting.
  • Balance of plant.
  • Civil engineering and ground works.
  • Access track installation.
  • And at the end of the lease period - decommissioning and removing the turbine and restoring your field(s) to their original state.

Ideally we require sites with at least 7.5 metres per second average annual wind speed. We can estimate this for you for free when you get in touch.

Contact Us today for a free confidential and no-obligation chat.

We can discuss things like how many turbines would fit on your land, and total annual earnings.

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